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When Liza regained consciousness after giving birth to the child, the nurse tried to give Liza her newborn son in her lap, and Liza refused to look at the child and said, “I don’t want this baby.” Give this child to someone or do what you want to do, I don’t mean anything. It made my life worse. Remove it from the front of my eye.

Liza screamed in anger again and started crying out loud and kept asking her to remove the child from the sight. It was being said repeatedly that I should not have given birth to it. Was there less trouble than before, that one more came into my life.

The nurse also again shouted to Liza and told, what madness it is? it’s your child, you will have to take it. We have more work, a lot of patients are in line. One is there is no one from your house around whom I would give the news of this child and when you have come to your senses then you are refusing to take the child. After all, what is the matter?

Liza called her husband, ignoring the nurse’s words. After calling 2-3 times, her husband finally picked up the phone.

She started crying, pleading her husband to come to the hospital. She said, once take both of us home, then we will sit comfortably and find a solution. I promise you that what you say will happen. But you come here once. I need you here.

Liza had some feeling that if her husband sees the child once, it might melt and be ready to take the child home.

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But Liza’s repeated saying had no effect on her husband. He keeps on doing the same rhetoric that if you want to come home then come, but leave the child there and he hung up the phone.

Desperate, upset Liza could not understand what to do if she did! somehow She was getting emotional about the child. But on the other hand, she did not want to leave her husband either.

At that time, after hearing so much noise from the patient’s room, the senior doctor there immediately came and asked the reason for the noise. Knowing the reason, he also got a little upset, but discreetly calmed Liza and asked her the reason for this behavior.

On Liza’s constant screaming and not telling the reason, a counselor from the doctor called Dr. Neeta there. Then the doctor left Neeta alone with Liza and left. On asking Doctor Nita again and again …..

Liza, looking after herself, said, “My husband does not want a child. I have gone and married against my family. My family always wanted me to complete my studies first. But I did not listen to one of them. At first, everything was fine but after marriage, it was like everything changed. Due to money problems, my husband and I started getting into fights over everything. The reason for not doing well study was not being able to get the job done in the same manner. Just like how I got a small job and expected some improvement, last year I got pregnant and everything changed.

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I started to get sick, could not go to work. Hospital expenses on. Due to all this, there were quarrels among us again. Due to my ill health, I could not even abort it. My husband said on that, now there is only one solution if you want to stay with me, give birth to this child, but do not bring it home. Otherwise, I have no relationship with you. Now I do not know what to do.”

Then Dr. Neeta said that if you have already made up your mind to give the child to an orphanage, then what is the problem?

But now I do not want to leave this child. I am in this dilemma, what should I do! It is coming in my mind to kill it and die myself. I am not able to understand what to do. Liza replied in a very sad tone.

Then, listening to Liza, Dr. Neeta asked – Why do you find it easy to die and not live? And why do you need support to live?

Liza said to him what should I do. I did not have anyone to care me.

Then Dr. Neeta asked in strong words – have you care yours? Are you caring this child who is part of your body? It is easy to expect from others, but it is equally difficult to live up to that expectation yourself. I believe that when a bad time comes in life, a person becomes frustrated and he feels that everything is dying or losing. But it should not be forgotten that there is turmoil or sabotage in life when something new is going to happen in your life.

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That is why one should not panic with this change and newness but rather wait patiently for what life wants to show at that turn. Who wants to bring our attention towards the new path hidden in the future womb. Who wants to show us his real face by removing the mask from there face? As he has done for your husband. The mask is drawn from his face, which is not really your husband. He did not even care about you. He was just blowing his mind with you. And you want to sacrifice your precious life and this little life for him.

On this, Doctor Neeta said, I tell you my story:

My parents were very poor. We used to survive very hard. It was difficult to eat, so they would never tell me to study. When I was 14 years old, they married me to a man of middle age. He was also addicted to alcohol. After marriage, thought that poverty would get rid of, but life had become more painful now. As time was passing by And then one day I also became the mother of a daughter. Meanwhile, my husband died due to excessive drinking. I was only 20 years old and I had a 2-year-old daughter in my lap and I could not even do any work. I could not go to my parents because I did not want to put the burden of myself and my baby girl on them. Then what, I also made up my mind that I would kill myself and my daughter.

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That same evening, the teacher living next to me who used to teach children in our village came to my house to ask about my condition. I told them my heart in tears. She kept quiet for a while. Then very calmly said to me, your wish is to die whenever you want. It is in your hands. But it is also that once you die, you will not get life again. That is why my suggestion is that, why not watch it once before you die. But with the same confidence with which you have made up your mind to die. Otherwise you have to die.

Then with her help, I got a cleaning job done at the same school. I studied there and also worked. Gradually made a long journey till here. Nothing was easy. But when I thought in my mind that one chance would definitely give to life and myself, then the path went on its own. And when I thought that I would show it at all costs, then the success started to appear very near. Today my daughter is 20 years old and I have never given up on life since that day.

In your life, you could have made your life easier by being comfortable with your mother and father. But now that you have chosen the difficult path of life yourself, then why are you afraid of walking on it? You will get the destination and in any case, if you have made up your mind to do something. Yes, the paths can sometimes be straight or sometimes turn.

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By the way, dying is in your hands. Before die, try living with full force.

Liza wipes her tears, raises the child in grief and promises to herself and Doctor Nita that she will be able to solve any problem in life, but will not allow herself and her child to fail. And finally, before leaving the hospital, Meera informs her husband over the phone that she has chosen the child in him and the child. She does not need a person who does not have humanity, because money can be earned even later, but humanity is not a matter of everyone. Full of confidence, Meera had to leave the child in her lap on a journey where only her right was on her life.

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